Ways in Wanderlust

Wrong Way’s trek from couch potato to Appalachian Trail

“No Mr. Raccoon you are not getting my Snickers!”

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Extended Tourism

Sometimes a week is not enough.

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Morels! Morels! Morels!

Morels! Tis the season….almost…..

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A Lifetime of Adventures

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Friendship travels

Friends don’t have to be lost, sometimes we just have to travel to find them.

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Lone Traveler

Travel, in itself, induces self reflection.  It is a time when the pressures from our daily lives fade slowly with each passing mile and every moment is

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Ireland: What is so Great?

When you hear of Ireland a picture is painted. IMG_5596 One of rolling lush green hills, historic farm houses with stone fences, and small cozy towns serving up hearty stews and heavy lagers.

This may be a part of Ireland, but not the best of it.

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Traveling Like a Tourist

All inclusive resorts, Groupon deals, and itinerary heavy excursions may be the bane of those that call themselves “true travelers”, but there are many benefits to being “that guy”.

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